Draw Draw is a studio design which offers various services in area of technical drawings, visualization, 3D modeling, rendering, 3D printing models.

We provide high standards in project execution, flexibility and easy online access to our experts. Contact us - with our help you can conduct any project you need.
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What we offer

Our services are provided by electronic means. We also have sales representative available in area of Lubuskie province(Gorzów Wielkopolski, Zielona Góra). Most of the projects can be fulfill based on electronic means. However if you prefer direct conversation we can arrange a meeting.

We offer projects based on 3 dimensions:
- 2D technical projects and drawings
- 3D projects- modeling, rendering, 3D printing projects
- Visualizations of any sort

Additionally we implement following graphic services:
- creating and postproduction of graphic
- design and execution of catalogs
- many others- we are open to new challenges

Project evaluation is free of charge. The key is to give as much details as possible so we can present accurate price. Time of execution is strictly connected with data provided by customer, level of project’s difficulty and amount of changes implemented during our cooperation. In order to simplify our work and shorten time realization our customers can provide us with:

- 2D layout
- drawing examples, similar projects to compare to
- photos
- guidelines, regulations, details you wish to add
- Information about materials(especially in case of visualization and 2D models)
- expectations regarding to project’s level of precision
- preferable formats of electronic files
- estimation of project’s purpose-

all of this allows to define the process of execution better

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